Lamar Elementary School

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Lamar Adds Art Program

Over the last few years, Lamar Elementary has enjoyed partnering with the Mineral Wells Art Association by providing elements of art education to the campus with their “Meet the Masters” program. This summer, after a music teacher left the district, Lamar principal Kendra Fowler looked at the possibility of having both an art and music program without spending any additional personnel funds. During her four years as an assistant principal at Travis Elementary, Mrs. Fowler observed a successful art program at the school and stated that she wanted to bring that experience to Lamar, saying that she felt it was “… critical that our students are exposed to many things — including fine arts — for a well-balanced education.”


The campus had several applicants, but Mrs.Bonnie Goodson, who taught at Houston Elementary before taking an art position in Fort Worth, was eager to return to the school district which she considered home. Goodson jumped right in to set up the curriculum and a brand-new program with a smile on her face. She said that her goal this year is to introduce her pre-kindergarten through first grade students to fundamental art skills and reported that they are grasping concepts quickly.


First grade student Bentley Merrill stated that “his favorite thing is to paint.” He expressed that they already “learned about lines and making pretty pictures using lines.” He proudly showed off his work.


Mrs. Goodson is still setting up the program and accumulating the many necessary supplies for an effective art program. She announced she will gladly take any donations from the community.



picture of new art teacher Mrs. Goodson in her classroom