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All students, An Artists Sketch Book

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I walk around the block in my neighborhood and show you how an artist uses a sketchbook. Materials you need are a small sketchbook and pencil. If you do not have a sketchbook you can make one by folding paper down into a small book form. I see a swing and draw the lines that create a triangle shape of the swing and draw the tree it is in. Drawings in a sketchbook are meant to be done fast so you capture the idea. Next I walk to a birdhouse. I see the shape of the birdhouse and try to quickly draw the birdhouse in my sketchbook. Last I see mushrooms in a neighbors yard. I look at them, I see that they are organic, free form shapes and make a quick drawing in my sketchbook of the mushrooms. Artists always carry a sketchbook with them to help them with drawing skills and also help them capture ideas that inspire them from the world around them. The online video link is here
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