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Kindergarten and First Grade Paper Doll Chain

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In class we were learning about textures and patterns. We looked at the patterns in the painting "Good With Scissors." The kids had never seen a paper doll chain and wanted to make one. I think this is a great time to share this project with them. Materials you need are paper, scissors and crayons. First fold the paper two times to get three even sections. Second, draw your person (like a gingerbread man) on one side. Be sure the hands and feet are drawn over the edges. Next, slowly cut out the paper around the person, do not unfold it. Do not cut around the hand and feet, you need the paper to stay connected. Open your paper doll chain. Finally, think like a fashion designer and draw clothes on your paper dolls. Think of patterns, colors, shapes. Draw details on their faces, draw the hair. Outline your details so they will not get lost after you color it with crayon. Share your paper doll chain with friends and family! The online video is here
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