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Welcome to Lamar Elementary Music!


Mineral Wells Independent School District (MWISD) is committed to providing a comprehensive and enriching music program for every elementary student in the district. At Lamar Elementary, students from PreK through 1st grade receive weekly musical instruction that covers essential aspects of music education, including music reading, rhythm, tone, singing, and playing instruments.

Our elementary music program goes beyond the basics, ensuring that students have ample opportunities to showcase their talents. Throughout the year, our young musicians participate in school musicals, concerts, and community events, allowing them to experience the joy of performance and to share their achievements with others.

MWISD's music curriculum is thoughtfully designed to blend traditional and contemporary teaching methods. Students are introduced to a wide range of musical genres, helping them to develop a well-rounded understanding and appreciation of music. This diverse approach not only enhances their technical skills but also broadens their cultural horizons.

For many of our students, music class is the highlight of their day. The program creates a lively and engaging environment where children can express themselves creatively while learning the value of teamwork and collaboration. Our music educators are dedicated to nurturing each student's unique talents and fostering a lifelong love of music.

Mineral Wells ISD takes pride in its music program and the positive impact it has on our student's educational experience. By integrating music into the elementary curriculum, we aim to inspire and cultivate the next generation of musicians and music enthusiasts.


Lamar Elementary Music Teacher

Kara Hartnagel